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Meet our production team

Chris Adamson

Christopher Adamson
Christopher concentrates in magazine design and is working towards a double major in creative writing. He is inspired by journalism of everyday people—intimate stories like those on Our First Loves. He has been doing editorial design for the past four years, and writing for countless more. You can see his other work online at

Christopher’s first love was poetry.

Rachel Aguiar
A Medill senior on the magazine track, Rachel is working to complete a double major in International Studies and a minor in Chinese. The planning process of this Web site took place during the dead of Chicago winter. In desperate need of something non-depressing, Rachel found solace in hearing a diverse array of first love stories. Rachel specializes in most forms of journalism—with a particular fondness for design.

Rachel’s first love was the boy next door.

Jennifer Chen
Jennifer is a senior majoring in journalism and U.S. history. She loves every side of journalism and has experience in reporting, editing, design, multimedia and online. She has interned at New York Magazine and The Chicago Reporter, and will be heading the new online division of STITCH, a student fashion magazine, this spring.

Jennifer’s first love was words.

Tara Dubbs
Tara is a double major in journalism and art theory and practice. She is always cooking up ideas—kind of like a meth lab in her mind. After receiving 67 percent on her Spanish 101 final freshman year, she decided to switch her foreign language study requirement to HTML. Someday she would like to apply her web and social skills to the workforce.

Tara’s first love was Chewbacca.

Tommy Giglio
Tommy spent the majority of his time in Medill tailoring his experience toward photojournalism and multimedia. After his mother gave him his first camera in second grade, Tommy has been shooting photos ever since. He loves photographing sports but also enjoys shooting human interest stories and spot news. Tommy also enjoys Web design and is currently working on his first documentary. Check out his other work at

Tommy’s first love was his brother, Jason.

Tom Giratikanon
Tom Giratikanon is a senior at the Medill School of Journalism studying newspaper and online journalism. He co-founded North by Northwestern, a daily campus Web magazine, and has interned at The Naples Daily News, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat and The Kitsap Sun.

Tom’s first love was a girl from high school.

Jessica Huang
Jessica has a concentration in magazine with an emphasis on design. She has designed for an eclectic variety of campus publications, and she has a deep-rooted love for yearbook. While most of her experience is with print design, she’s extremely interested in learning more about web design and hopes to develop those skills in the future.

Jessica’s first love was Mike.

Lia Lehrer
Lia is concentrating on newspaper/online journalism and has a minor in Hebrew Studies. She enjoys writing, taking photos, designing, editing and blogging, and hopes to use these skills to make the world a better place. She has served as copy desk chief at The Daily Northwestern and as a page designer at Schmooze Magazine, and has interned at the South-Florida Sun-Sentinel and The Daily Herald. See her work online at

Lia’s first love was The Beatles.

Debi Nafis
Debi is pursuing a double major in art theory & practice along with her magazine design concentration at Medill. She was born and raised in the Chicago area, where the near-perfect grid and uniquely gregarious spirit of the city fostered her interest in story-telling and clean lines. Her web site is currently under construction, but check soon to see her editorial design and visual art portfolio.

Debi’s first love was attention.

Emmy Parsons
Emmy’s first foray into journalism came in 8th grade when her dad vetoed her choice of pottery class in favor of the school newspaper. Now at Northwestern and concentrating in magazines, she is inspired by stories of the underdog and people pushing for social change. This summer she will move to New York in search of the magazine job.

Emmy’s first love was her dog, Jack.

Teri Wilkus
Teri is set to graduate in 2010 with concentrations in journalism and early American history. She is from a small town of approximately 650 people in central Illinois, which is why she feel drawn to large cities. She is hopelessly addicted to reality television and is unusually attracted to all things sparkly.

Teri’s first love was her cat.