my first love was my brother, jason

PUBLISHED 12 March 2009 18:48


My first love was my younger brother, Jason. He’s the first person I’ve loved in a special or unique way. You know, I do love him like any other family member, like my mother, and my grandmother and my grandfather and such, but there’s something about Jason and I’s relationship that has been unique from the start.

Initially we weren’t very close. I saw him as competition, as someone intruding on my spotlight. But I always liked being the center of attention, and when he came around, this little cute baby, took away from that in every way.

So, I started tripping him all the time as he was learning how to walk. I’d be like “oh look at that little kid falling down. No one is going to like the kid who doesn’t know how to walk. Muahaha” But that didn’t really work—everyone hates the kid who trips the little kid.

So anyway, we ended up deciding kind of, somehow, that we should be friends. And, we quickly became very close. I started to realize when I’m learning how to roller skate, that this little kid can roller skate too. As a toddler—“hey this kid’s fun. We’re playing hockey in the house we’re playing baseball in the yard. This kid’s great. We should be BFFs.”

And soon we became really close. And, especially when my parents got divorced, we became even closer. I remember the first time my parents got in a big fight, my brother and I kind of hid in my room in the corner, both crying, thinking that we had done something wrong. And, it was moments like that that brought us really close during a tough time.

And so eventually, he became someone that I confided in, and I think the same is true for him. And to this day, he is still my best friend—we hardly ever fight. And I look up to him. He’s really a good kid and he’s someone that I respect and if anything, I admire and want to be like. Having a brother around and having this kind of special relationship has, to me, been the best part of my life.

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