my first love was my middle school crush

PUBLISHED 7 March 2009 12:11

My first love probably would have been when I was in 6th grade. I had just gone into middle school and I was a very shy, very, very shy girl and I found that I had a crush on a boy and it was a very strong crush. It was my first crush. His name was John, a very shy, very, very shy boy.

It was an impossible situation. Both of us were way too shy to even look at each other. It was painful, because I really did like this boy. But there was nothing I could do about it other than to just think about him sitting in the row next to my row and to be in that close proximity.

But I really did like that boy and my crush continued on through middle school. I always just really liked this person. I would say that it was an extreme painful shyness, you know, and nothing could ever happen because both of us were just way too shy. But it was there. It was real.

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