my first love was the boy I met the 4th day of new student week

PUBLISHED 1 April 2009 12:09

I said I love you to my first boyfriend in high school. I said it to my boyfriend at summer camp. I think I was in love then. I really meant it when I said it in my pre-teen mind. But somehow, this is different, and this love I’m about to describe is so much bigger than that.

I met him walking back from tech the third day of new student week before my freshman year. I had no idea I was in love with him then. I didn’t know I was in love with him when we started dating 2 quarters later. I didn’t know I was in love with him after I had been dating him a year later.

It was only after breaking up for six months, being separated by an ocean, and coming back. His ability to forgive me for running away, and his ability to trust me showed me a love larger than anything I have ever experienced.

The ability to love someone more than yourself.

That’s the kind of love I have discovered, and that’s the love I hope to keep.

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